Yoga Workshop Stuttgart mit Eyal Shifroni

Eyal Shifroni

Eyal Shifroni is a Senior level Iyengar Yoga teacher. He studied and practiced yoga since 1978, and has thought, written, and taught yoga since 1985. In 1988 Eyal first went to the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute (RIMYI) in Pune, India to study directly under Guruji, B.K.S. Iyengar. He still travels there often, to study with the Iyengars.

Der Senior-Iyengar-Yogalehrer Eyal Shifroni kommt nach Stuttgart mit dem Thema ‚Mind-Body-Connection‘
Der Unterricht findet auf Englisch statt. Explorations to demonstrate the mind-body connections as they are expressed in yoga practice. The book ‚Psychophysical Lab Yoga Practice and the Mind-Body Problem‘ by Ohad Nachtomy & Eyal Shifroni offers a new approach – both theoretical and practical – to the mind–body problem. It begins with a set of explorations in which the reader/practitioner is invited to observe the mutual relationships between the body and the mind, in the practice of asanas. The practical explorations are followed by a survey of philosophical approaches to the psychophysical problem, tracing the views of thinkers from Socrates and Plato up to contemporary philosophers such as Chalmers and Dennett. This survey provides the background for presenting our own approach to this problem, in which we seek to recover the Aristotelian model of physical and mental capacities In this workshop, Ohad & Eyal will introduce the book, and then Eyal will guide a practice that illustrates the Mind-Body relationships in the Lab of practice over the weekend.

Friday 6-8:45pm Asana and Book presentation (by Ohad & Eyal)
Saturday 9-10am Pranayama and 10:30-1pm / 3:30-5:30pm Asana
Sunday 9-10am Pranayama and 10:30am-1:30pm Asana

You need to have a regular practise in Iyengar Yoga.

Accommodation: You could stay in the venue over night (20€/per night and person). Also we try to find other yogis to host you.
To all those from Stuttgart: We will have international guests, please let us know if you can host other yogis.

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Cancelation is only possible till 14 days before the event with a fee of 50€. After that there won´t be any refund.